Over the years I’ve had blogs galore; personal blogs, journo blogs, beauty blogs, picture blogs, music blogs, diet blogs…you name it, I’ve blogged it. I’ve always kept each one away and fully boxed off from the other which has led to some being ignored, others being forgotten and many passwords being long gone from memory.

For those reasons, and others aside, I’ve decided to start afresh with a new place to encompass my whole life. I love the term ‘lifestyle’ because that sets off a winners’ bell in my mind; *ding ding ding* I can post about anything here! so it’ll be a conglomeration of everything that interests and/or impacts me, from motherhood to makeup to tattoos to travel, via books, baby mama life and all the in betweens including my ongoing struggle to ever get a decent picture of the topics I’m writing about (shout out to everyone who knows of my deep-seated frustrations at not being a flat lay connoisseur!)

Some of you reading this may remember winterxlife over on Blogspot. There’s been some to-ing and fro-ing in my noggin that’s created some inner turmoil but I eventually came to the decision to strip that back to the bare bones, set all posts to private and end the chapter of being solely a beauty-based blogger. I’ve kept winterxlife active as my little creative writing outlet so I may link to it from time to time (honestly, ‘from time to time’ is definitely too generous a timescale…think more ‘once in a blue moon’) but for the majority part it is no more, so this is my official fond farewell to that era.

Lastly, I’ve never fully put my proper name to a blog. I can’t really explain why, but I think it’s been some kind of potential embarrassment/fear of failure kind of thing. Writing was supposed to be my career and it took me a long time to get to grips with that not being the case so I never went fully ham on bringing attention to the fact my writing was my writing. Or something. Anyway, regardless, I guess I just don’t care anymore and, aside from having a nice little username/title, this blog is all me; my life, my thoughts, my experiences and my neverending quest for the perfect snapshots. This feels lovely and it’s brought a buzz of excitement back which I haven’t felt for such a long time when it comes to writing.

So welcome. We’ve all done these intros and formalities before so I’ll end the waffle now and leave with a simple invitation to journey along with me and don’t ever hesitate to get some conversation going.


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