When it came to making this blog exactly as I wanted it there was only one person I had in mind to bring my vision to life: my wonderfully talented friend Leanne, aka Milky Pretzel!
For so long I’ve adored her illustrative style and she’s been one of those top babely online pals for years (you know them; the lovely girls who you’d definitely be IRL BFFs with if only you weren’t cruelly thrown so far apart in distance!) so it made perfect sense to ask her to do the honours.

Leanne originally did all of my custom drawings back in November – it’s been a long-ass wait for me to be able to share them now that I f i n a l l y have a new computer, but I’m so stoked that they look just as cute as I’d imagined and fit the theme of this blog so so well. She is a star!
For my header, avi logo and post signoff we talked through a couple of ideas based on an initial brainstorm of a hazy pastel neon theme, with Leanne giving me a few options for each illustration, tweaking them with any changes I wanted and delivering it all so perfectly that I did an almost-tear when I saw everything together for the first time in all of its real-sized glory.

You can find Leanne on a few different socials that I’ll link at the end of this post, but firstly here are a few of my favourite Milky Pretzel illustrations that she’s kindly allowed me to share here:


You can find Leanne and show her and her wonderful work some love on both Instagram and Twitter:
@instagram / @twitter



All images in this post fully belong to Leanne/Milky Pretzel and have been shared with full permission.

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