It’s been a minute!
Life has been whirlwind for the past month, hence why the blog has been put on the backburner. I’m here with a little update on what’s been occurring and – fingers crossed – I’ll be back to a more reliable schedule now that things are back to normal.

The most impactful thing that’s happened was Jackson having his first bad accident. With development comes potential danger and, in the split second his granny took her eyes off him, he’d padded his hands up a hot radiator and burned his palms and fingertips awfully.
Blackpool Victoria treated him wonderfully and did what they could in A&E, but burns in children are harder to deal with so we got immediately referred to Royal Preston Hospital who have a large childrens’ unit with more specialist doctors. A nurse warned us of potential outcomes; emergency surgery and skin grafts, scarring and maybe being transferred to Royal Manchester Childrens Hospital…we were pre-warned about all sorts but, after the head burns consultant had his own checkup with Jackson, we managed to get home that evening.
Since then there’s been multiple trips per week to Preston for re-dressing and checkups, with the last one happening on Thursday last week. Jackson had his final checkup with an Occupational Therapist and she fully signed him out; she was pleased with his healing, she was confident that there won’t be any lasting damage and the redness that’s left on his palms and fingertips will fade away as well.
I’m going to do a full in-depth post on this experience because it did affect us all quite badly and also to share it for that just in case scenario of another parent being in the same situation. Accidents do happen and they’re traumatic so sometimes it’s a comfort to know you’re not the only one experiencing it.

Thankfully nothing else bad has happened but work has been busy as heck! I work from home for Brad’s business and balance that with looking after Jackson and (failing at) keeping the house in order. Jackson’s accident had a knock-on effect because his appointments have taken full mornings a couple of times each week. I’d usually run an average 10-6 day with breaks in the middle but that’s frequently been pushed to 8-9pm, along with here-and-there weekend appointments that have eaten into family time. Honestly, everything mixed together left things feeling quite unsettled, though it does now feel like normality has mostly been restored.

Added into the mix of things going on is my desperation to gut the house top to bottom because it’s small and always feels cluttered no matter how much it’s tidied.
I have charity piles to donate, to-sell piles to put online and a mental list of what’s next to sort through, starting with our bedroom. I actually find that kind of stuff pretty relaxing but, again because of the accident, my sole focus has been getting through each day at a time and things have become too disorganised so the sooner the better in terms of cracking on with it. We’re also hoping to buy a house of our own next year and I don’t want to have a huge, stressful job of gutting the entire house with moving, I’d rather just get it done ASAP.
A couple of weeks ago Brad did a switcheroo of bedrooms so Jackson is now next to us in the smaller front bedroom and he’s moved all of his music stuff into the back bedroom. That made me emotional and added to my unsettled feeling but it admittedly has been a good swap. The itch to redecorate is growing daily and I’m looking forward to getting on with that once the aforementioned sorting has been done!
Somewhere in this time we’ve 
had a four-day visit from my parents,  I’ve gone swimming multiple times with a wriggly toddler, he had his first public meltdown AND he’s just come out of a hefty bad teething patch (including cutting his first molar, ouch) so I’ve been pretty ARGH for a while.
Last week I finally had the doctors’ appointment I’ve been trying to book in since February, I had a blood test on Friday and now I’m awaiting results. There’s still a smidge of anxiousness in this waiting period but I do feel as though I’m calming more now, with the only way I have to describe it is by not realising how stressed I’ve been until I’m now coming out the other side.
Oh and a couple more things: on Tuesday I joined Slimming World and as soon as I’ve hit Post on this entry I’m off to pack for my long weekend in Yorkshire with Jackson, followed by one day back at home before driving down to Brighton at the back end of next week for our first long-distance family road trip. My schedule is busier now than it has been for a while and I’m enjoying having positive things to get on with and look forward to, it really is a welcome change.

Lastly, by means of confession, I do have to mention that June’s book attempt was a write-off because my brain has essentially been replaced by scrambled eggs for the past 30+ days. I feel like I’ve short-circuited on a daily basis and, after re-reading the first few pages around 492 times, I decided to call it quits.
This month’s is underway – forgot to mention I signed myself and Jackson up at the library too – and is proving to be successful so I’ll be able to include it in my roundup at the end of next month.

And that’s it I think.
Thankyou if you’ve gotten this far and read every bit of this ultra-wordy, completely-visually-non-stimulating post; likewise hi to those of you who’ve skipped to the end to figure out if it became interesting (probably not). This blog is my own little thing, a hobby if you will, so it’s important to me to keep it ticking over and it’s a good feeling to think I’ll be able to get back into things properly from this point on.

Happy weekend,


3 thoughts on “OH HEY

    1. Thankyou lovely, I’m certainly trying! It definitely felt a bit cathartic to get all of my thoughts out there.
      The road trip will be so wonderful. Even though it’s onky for a few days it’s really lifting my mood to think about our first long-distance family trek.

      K x


      1. I understand completely. My 2 toddlers, hubby and I live for road trips, plane trips, cruises, etc… it just gives you good vibes and makes you feel really relaxed which everyone needs at least once a month. Even if it’s a trip to the beach or a dinner. It’s all therapeutic


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