At the start of July I made the decision to join Slimming World; enough was enough, I needed something to keep me focused and trying to stick to diets on my own at home wasn’t proving to be too successful. I settled on Slimming World because I’ve done it before with decent results and, in terms of going to the meetings, a weight loss programme with the added support of a group to go to is exactly what I need.
On July 2nd I joined a group by me and jumped right in, sticking to plan, planning meals and doing everything I needed to in order to kickstart some weightloss. Wednesday saw my sixth weigh-in and in that time I’ve lost 17lbs which I am completely flabbergasted/buzzing about in equal measure!

I’ve chosen not to find out how much I weigh just yet because I know I’ll be fully horrified and I’m of the mind that I’m making the right changes and choosing good choices so I’ll allow myself to stick my head in the sand until I feel brave enough to see the numbers. What I have done though is set my first interim target of a 4 stone loss, which I’d love to achieve by the time my cousin gets married in November.
17lbs in I’m feeling better in so many ways so imagining how I’ll feel with 4 full stones gone is keeping my head in the game. My OTT knee pain’s gone, I don’t struggle to carry Jackson up to bed anymore and my belly isn’t at one with my steering wheel any longer – all great successes, thankyou thankyou – but what’s playing to my vain side is that I’m back into two pairs of jeans I haven’t been able to wear since before I got pregnant – MINT. I’m not sure if I’ll see any numbers when I hit that 4 stone but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it and share things if I fancy.

What I want to do with the remainder of this post is share a few of my favourite meals from the plan so far and lay out some ideas for different breakfasts, dinners and teatime (sorry I’m Northern, we don’t do ‘lunch and dinner’ up here!) that don’t cost a fortune and don’t take an arseload of time to prepare and cook.

Peri-Peri Chicken Breast with Cheese & Salad on Ciabatta + Homemade Spicy Chips
chikkinsYes. Absolutely drool-worthy and SO DELICIOUS! This meal came courtesy of Brad and it was so tasty I’d happily have it every day of my life. It was kind of Syn-heavy (11 all-in) but I much prefer to use Syns within meals than on snacks and picky bits here and there, so well worth it in my humble opinion. Would have more salad next time but we only had lettuce in at that point and the cheese was one of my HexA choices for the day. Lovely!

One-Pot Fajita Pasta
mexipastaI found this recipe via Tasty (here it is) and it seemed to call to my soul and love of Mexican food. It needed a little tweaking to make it work for Slimming World but I got it down for no Syns whatsoever! In the Tasty recipe they use chicken, which is what I’m going to try when I make this again, but it went just as well with 5% fat beef mince all the same. I’m a sucker for Mexican dishes and this hit the spot perfectly.

Chicken Curry with Brown Rice
curryPlease let the record state that I HATE brown rice and only bought it because I thought I was doing the right thing, turns out I’d rather stick to normal basmati and be done with it. Anyway, it’s the curry I’m focusing on here and just look at it. Curry is hands-down my ultimate go-to food, probably my favourite if I was being forced to pick, so tweaking my old way of making it into a Slimming World- friendly version fills me with joy! This rocks in at 7 Syns because I still use cream – though I’ve switched from extra thick double right down to single – and it’s packed with veggies and spices and lots of lean chicken breast. Curry honestly never fails but I’m not going to sully it with brown rice any longer.

Chicken Stir Fry/Fried Rice
friedriceStir fry and fried rice dishes are a gift from the heavens on Slimming World and they’re a regular for me since I started on the plan. Whack any vegetable you fancy into them, honestly the more the better, add in your protein and some rice or noodles and it’s a dead quick meal that’s full of the good stuff. In mine I always add 2 teaspoons of sesame oil for 4 Syns because I don’t want to compromise on flavour and it finishes things off just so. Really can’t go wrong with a stir fry and I find them dead filling.

All of those are main evening meals, which I usually prepare the majority of the time. When it comes to breakfasts I always have eggs; scrambled, fried, poached, omelette, boiled…there will always be some kind of eggs in my mouth at breakfast time. Lean bacon, Quorn sausages (1 Syn each), beans, mushrooms and toast (HexB) are often on rotation too but they’ll always be the accompaniments to eggs of some kind.
Dinners are probably my most uninspired meals. I tend to have leftovers from the night before, Pasta N Sauce for a couple of Syns or sesame Ryvita with some salad and a bit of chicken or ham. That’s literally it for five days out of seven; I don’t keep the cupboards stocked with every possible foodstuff and I’m usually on some kind of limited timescale so need things that are handy and simple to scoff in the middle of the day. If we’re out and about on a weekend and have dinner I’ll get things that are as close as I can to Free foods, but I also rely on the Syn Database on Slimming World’s website so if I do have something ‘bad’ I can track it accurately.


And that’s about all I can say really! I drink at least 2 litres of water every day, have a cup of coffee every morning without fail and I’ll always have a can of Pepsi Max with my tea; any bits of alcohol are Syn counted but that’s few and far between, though Baileys with milk is a delicious way to get in one of your HexA choices!
For a plan that doesn’t particularly feel like a traditional diet, Slimming World is doing me so right so far. 17lbs in six weeks is an achievement I’m proud of – I initially went in thinking I’d be happy with half a stone off each month – and it’s lighting a competitive fire under my butt to keep on going and reach new goals and milestones along the way.
If you’re interested in any full recipes or meal ideas please drop me a line and I’ll be happy to share! Also let me know if you follow Slimming World or any other weightloss plan and how you’re finding things. In the meantime I’ll keep focused on another good six weeks and may do another little update at that point.


All photos used in this entry are from my Slimming World-dedicated Instagram, which you can follow @winterxloss


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